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Help Me Name My Album

Saturday 2/15/2014

So I'll be releasing this new album this year. At least 8 cuts are ready to go already and we'll probably have another 5 or more on the album.


If you've paid any attention to the music that's been coming from my musical adventure lately, you'll notice the wide variety of genres I've been experimenting with, thanks to my friends Abysss (Daryl Holden) and Dimitris Liolis (Leo D) Both great writers, musicians and producers. .....


So now I'm at a point where I'm trying to name such an experiment. The first title that came to mind was "No Boundaries"... If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.... ~M~




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Where Does It Come From ?

FEBRUARYY 8th 2014 (5am)

From whence does creativity flow ? I used the word 'whence' cuz it seemed all flashy and sophisticated.


A while back I wrote this article concerning creativity.


It has always eluded me, where the creative spark originates. I guess I should just e thankful and stop trying to analyze and understand and just accept the apparent 'gift' that has been so fortunately dropped in my lap.


I once likened songwriting, and especially songs that seem to grab a lot of people's imaginations this way.


It's as if there is this stream of consciousness running above all of our heads, a wealth of knowledge and creativity.  Everyone in a while, I'm fortunate enough to bump my head into that cloud and grab an idea or two. I hope it continues.


I'm infamous (in my own mind at least) for having done 376 takes of a guitar lead for "Today" ... I'm coming close to that record on this one; "Linger Longer" is in production.


Perfectionist ? Yes.


But if I had better skills, it's go a lot smoother. Venturing out there again into another genre. A;most country at this point. I can't wait to bring it to you along with the complete album later this year ..... And below is that 'infamous' guitar solo.



I Never Thought I'd Say This But ...

JAN. 22nd 2014


I never thought I would says this; but I love collaborating.
I've been in many bands and my experience in most left a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps I was instransigent, in wanting to do things my way. That could well be.
Maybe I don't play well with others.
But recent experience has shown me that experience, maturity or NEED; or a combination of those and other factors have altered my perpesctive to allow me to achieve more than I could have hoped for.
I have always been fortunate that other musicians have seen some glimmer of hope in my creations and are willing to help, despite my mediocre playing skills.
I have long recognized, I'm a writer and singer and NOT a musician's musician. You know the one who can rattle out a guitar lead in a heartbeat, or transpose on the fly. (those people scare me)
I once did 376 takes on ONE guitar part for one of my songs !
So I have now been collaborating for about 8 years on line now. Transferring files back and forth, exchanging emails and creating with a number of other musicians here  at home and worldwide.
Now we're entering an exciting new era. On line collaboration in REAL TIME.
What this means is the ability to write, discuss and record new musical creations directly with someone as if they were in your home sitting across the room, but in my case (and many others I would assume) that collaboration is taking place across thousands of miles.
Or more precisely; 26,040 Km or 16,180.50584585148 miles. I did the math. That's the approximate distance between Oxenford, Queensland, Australia and Rockledge, Florida, USA.  

Here's one of our collaborations: "The Edge"


I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Daryl Holden and I are composing, recording and blissfully chatting daily across those distances and with great results.

So off I go into undiscovered frontiers. You are welcome to join us...



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New single release coming VERY soon

2014 is starting off with a bang.

Work is almost complete on my first single of the New Year.

It is a complete remake of "Man and Woman"

I've been working with Australian producer/writer Abysss-Daryl Holden on this and other songs for my upcoming album release, along with Dimitris Liolis (Atherns, Greece) and David Wohl (Ft. Collins, CO).

(Please be sure to check out the hypnotic "No Air", which Daryl and I have just completed)

It's great to work with such a talented group of artists who challenge me to reach new musical goals.

What's been fascinating as it regards working with Daryl, has been the fact that we can record and audition quality material in real time via the internet. Not only can we collaborate by exchanging files, but we can perform together at the same time, communicating ideas and inspirations immediately, but across 10,000 miles.

Awesome; isn't a powerful enough word to describe this process.

Not only are we experimenting with new approacehes on many of my songs, we're utilizing different approaches on indivdual songs ie: "Man and Woman". One is percussive in nature while a second version is filled with orchestration and truer to the original simple guitar and vocal.

The new material and past releases are all available on Reverbnation on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, RadioAirplay, eMusic, CDBaby, Spotify and a host of other sites for digital download.

Less than $1

Thanks for your support!



Gonna Write Me A Country Song[VIDEO]

My Mom and Dad have told me for years; if I want to make it in the music business, I should get into
'western' music.

I'm not sure if they're aware how much country music has changed, but I was thinking, it can't hurt.

Right ? It is probably the largest segment of the purchasing public's music consumption.

Now I'm a fan of a lot of country artists. Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, David Nail, Trace Adkins and others pop into my mind. And there are a host of country songs that  really speak to me personally and as a writer.

Now, I'm always willing to step outside my comfort zone and give it a try, especially if the promise of the almighty dollar sits at the end of that red dirt road.

So girl, why don't ya hop into the front seat of my truck, in your white tank top and cut off jeans and we'll take a little trip down to the river, with a cane pole, and I'll see if I can't find the words to write a country song.

I'll bring a cheap bottle of wine, some Southern Comfort, or moonshine, and we can howl at the moon 'til we get to that county line. Then I can pick my gitar and sang you a song about Bo 'n Red and Skoal. And how you smell sweet as honeysuckle, next to a Georgia Pine. 

Dont' worry your pretty little head, cause your man is coming down to the farm and mama's got grandaddy's gun, so we all know there's a song a comin', God willing and the creek don't rise.

Yeah, I think I'm gong to try and write a country song. I just don't know where to start.



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