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Coming in 2014

Fresh ideas are flowing like a cool mountain stream. Me likes me mountain analogies.
Not only am I writing and recording new music like a crazy man, I've enlisted the talents of a wide range of INCREDIBLY talented musicians and producers to help me in my on going projects.
In all there are about 20 different songs (old and new) that I am working on. About 10-12 of those will be on a new album this year with 4 of those to be released along the way as singles.
I'm also hoping on releasing a 4 song acoustic EP. These will be raw recordings of vocal and guitars or keboards as the songs were originally written, without any bells and whistles.
So forward I move with a wide variety of new material.
Let me detail some of them for you.
"Stranger":  A piano driven ballad. Somethimes, others have called this a power balad, because of it's intensity when it reaches the chorus. It reminds me often a cold snowy midwest morning when I woke in my second floor apartment with these lyrics rolling through my head. "Soft bitter light of the morning... And I've got raise this weary head" ... I knew I HAD to complete this work. (Coming as a single in 2014)
"Train, Train, Train":  As Monty Python said; '...and now for something completely different..'  I had decided it was time for me to move away from my love songs for a bit and try to write outside of my comfort zone. I'm glad I did. This almost counrty-uptempo feel song first came to me as an idea while riding a train to downtown Chicago from Lake Forest with a friend, then really percolated, when I went to visit my daughter, her husband and new grandson near Wichita. I stayed in a flea bag motel, with train tracks that literally ran outside my window. Who wouldn't be driven to musical insanity at that point ?
"Your Mistake": One line sums this song up. "I never wanted to be your mistake"
"Man And Woman": This is a story song in the truest sense of the phrase. I'm releasing produced and entirely acoustic versions of this song this year. My personal favorite line: "And the woman burned bright like a candle on a windless night".(Coming as a single in 2014)
"Let Me Be Me": A little over 2 years ago, I was in a tough place. I was around some folks who were going through a rough time and thought maybe I could cheer them with a song. I didn't have my guitar, so I started writing this song acapella. About 2 years later I finally got around to putting music to the melody. It's all about hope and moving forward in life, no matter the struggles.(Coming as a single in 2014)
"I'll Drink To That": This is a pretty mournful sounding tune with raw emotion, that will also be featured on the acoustic EP. There's a little dark humor mixed in to keep it honest.
"I Can't See You Anymore": Another raw dark tune about conflicting emotions that builds to an explosive crescendo. This is one that must be sung with no holds barred. (Coming as a single in 2014)
"Like It Was Just Yesterday": This is a tender intimate song. A recent reviewer said: 'reminds me of a music track for a 1940's fim noir romance' .. OK ... I'll take that. This song of a romantic memory will also be on the acoustic EP.
I am working in conjunction with some great producers-musicians-songwriters to assemble this all for release this year.
* Dimitris Lios (LeoD) a Greece based performer/producer. Dimitris also produced "Believe" on my first album 
* David Wohl from Ft. Collins, Colorado, and I are working on a number of my songs together. David was a major influence in the production a musical contributions for "Inspired By A Ture Story" (my 1st release)
* Dazz; most recently I've team with Dazz, who's production is insanely masterful and I am so looking forward to our current and hopefully other future collaborations.
In addition to the 8 listed here another 2-4 will be on the upcoming album. I'm just trying to sort those out for now.
Additionally; I am working on a symphonic piece, based on my "Songs For Idar Oberstein", inspired by the small town in Germany, where I lived  as a child. Classical style instrumental compositions that have been in the musical pipeline for decades. I believe it may be realistic to hear these this year in a public venue.
So, there it is my update as we begin a New Year. I am very hopeful going into 2014!



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