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Sunday November 17th 6PM ET

Those who come from military families or have moved a lot can appreciate the fact that often you live out of boxes. There's nothing unusual about living for a year with everything you own, except a few essentals staying in those carboard receptacles.

This also tends to lead to us being pack rats. That can be bad and good. The good side of that is that we tend to hold on to things forever. Such is the case with my parents. Today, I discovered they had copies of my music I had along forgotten even existed. Many 30 years old. Not te best quality, but priceless to me.

Songs came back to me like I'd never left them in virtual moth balls. Now comes a time of re-learning them chord by chord, word by word, re-arrangling when necessary and then re-recording what are true gems. I, of course feel they're timeless. Time itself and you can be the ultimate judge down the road

All of this while I continue to write and record so many new songs I can barely keep up. Guitar and bass pasrt coming in the next days for "Home For Christmas" and I can barely wait to hear what David Wohl has is stoore for the piano parts for "Stranger".

Life is indeed good!


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