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Don't Sweat The Details


So many times I've heard the phrase 'don't sweat the details'. The meaning being that you should just go with the flow. Take it easy, don't obsess.
Well; I wish I could, but when it comes to producing music, (or just about anything else for that matter) my OCD kicks in big time.
Such is the case in many of my latest productions. 
One in particular has become extremely pesky for me. It's "Man and Woman". I wrote this as a simple acoustic guitar with vocal. Simple being the key word here. I'll release that version, but now we're working on two other completely different versions of the same song.
It's enough to drive this little man insane.
One of the versions is fairly true to the original except with a very nice orchestration behind it.
The one that causing me fits (for the time being) is the more 'modern' production. Not only does it have orchestration, but also an interesting percussive beat now, thanks to my producer, Dazz/Abysss/Daryl. I'm never sure what to call the man, but I do love what he does.
But herein lies the problem. He's as Obsessive as me !
It's a miracle we''ve gotten as far as we have. Each of us in our own right, making alterations, tweaking this-re-arranging that iuntil we 'think' we have it right, then take a few steps back and thrown some more paint on the canvas, while trying to erase some already spilt.
What a musical journey.
We've re-arranged verses and choruses-lyrics and tones  Then I'll do a sing and think; too much vibrato here, not enough there .... Did I hold that phrase long enough ? ...
At some point you know you have to walk away and say. There it's done, knowing deep inside, it never will be.
It's akin to parenting. You KNOW you must let go (and do-kind of) but every once in a while you find yourself, following them a block behind on that walk to the school bus ...
This is soooo much fun !


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