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Michael Stone Music

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Getting Started

With a new website comes a new journal.....  Here's just some of what I have underway as I begin November 2013.

  • "Home for Christmas" - I am so proud of this song and have been tweaking this creation to try and get it just right. Such is the curse of being a perfectionist. I'm hoping for a release date of 11/19. Right now StudioPros in L.A. is working on many of the backing tracks then it's back home to polish vocals and mixing and then Dimitris Liolis will be helping me master the song. Can we get it done in time ? I can only hope.
  • "I can't see you anymore" is a dark very personal song that Dimitris has also done a wonderful job on instrumentation and production. I hope to be able to unveil this along with "Stranger" and power ballad in the next months.
  • All of my music is being release digitally these days. The music will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic and over 40 other different digital platforms. I still will have hard copy cds avaialble more on that to follow.


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