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Home For Christmas

Late 2012, I was living in Colorado. It became clear that I was going to have to move, due to financial and family reasons. Anytime you near the holidays it's easy to drift into reminiscences of your early childhood at Christmas.

I was no different.

I lived a vagabond existence as an army brat. But Mom and Dad always made Christmas very special. Even when Dad was deployed in Vietnam, I had those audio cassettes from him, which were the next best thing to having him home with us.


And the 'us' was simply we three; Dad,Mom and me. No siblings. There are relatives, but do I know them ? Nope. Never met them.


So when it comes to Christmas memories, they are very small intimate affairs.


"Home For Christmas" comes from this and I'll have it ready next week. My hope was November 19th, but the perfectionist in me may end up delaying it a few days.


Today I received the keyboard and string tracks from StudioPros. After some minor revisions they are ready to go, now comes the drums, bass and guitars, not to mention vocals, mixing and mastering and we'll be ready to roll it out.


Truly a labor of love. 


Available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, CDBaby, and about 40 other sites for digital download. I'll have the full info on the way soon!


Thanks for your support!




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