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It's Been A While

SAT. December 7th 2013

The past week or so has just flown by. There is much to report. I've now received play in 23 countries including the US ....

People who have listened to "Home For Christmas" have been as far flung as these locales:

Denmark, Saudi Arabia (someone's in trouble), France, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, Ba hams, UK, Qatar, Malaysia, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Brazil and Korea (I'm assuming south) ..

I am so grateful to all who have listened and was absolutely floored when I saw the reach of my music. I also MUST thank people like Dimitris Liolis, David Wohl, StudioPros, Talentcast.nl and so many others who give me encouragement, through their selfless support.



Currently I am engrossed in recording and writing a host of new songs:

"Stranger"  -- "I Can't See You Anymore" -- "Train, Train, Train" -- "Your Mistake" -- "I Plead The 5th" -- "Fall On Me" -- "Came This Close" and others.


I can't wait for you (and me) to hear them.



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