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New single release coming VERY soon

2014 is starting off with a bang.

Work is almost complete on my first single of the New Year.

It is a complete remake of "Man and Woman"

I've been working with Australian producer/writer Abysss-Daryl Holden on this and other songs for my upcoming album release, along with Dimitris Liolis (Atherns, Greece) and David Wohl (Ft. Collins, CO).

(Please be sure to check out the hypnotic "No Air", which Daryl and I have just completed)

It's great to work with such a talented group of artists who challenge me to reach new musical goals.

What's been fascinating as it regards working with Daryl, has been the fact that we can record and audition quality material in real time via the internet. Not only can we collaborate by exchanging files, but we can perform together at the same time, communicating ideas and inspirations immediately, but across 10,000 miles.

Awesome; isn't a powerful enough word to describe this process.

Not only are we experimenting with new approacehes on many of my songs, we're utilizing different approaches on indivdual songs ie: "Man and Woman". One is percussive in nature while a second version is filled with orchestration and truer to the original simple guitar and vocal.

The new material and past releases are all available on Reverbnation on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, RadioAirplay, eMusic, CDBaby, Spotify and a host of other sites for digital download.

Less than $1

Thanks for your support!



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