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NOV 16th 2013

It's after midnight in the early morning hours of November 16th, 2013 and I'm no where near ready for sleep.

I've too many tasks to accomplish and there never seems to be enough time. Even as I write this, I'm thinking, how many will really read it, and will they care ? I could be accomplishing other things, editing, writing, producing ....

Still; I find a need to tap out my thoughts, as it relates to the music.

The focus now is on my song: "Home For Christmas". Every aspect too. I'm satisfied the song is finished from a writing point of view, very rare indeed, nut now comes the recording, marketing and other details. And there's no manager or label that's handling this. No it's an Indie musician fumbling his way through and by the grace of God has been blessed to find people who are willing to help this and other projects come to fruition.

There's "Home For Christmas", also the gritty "I Can't See You Anymore" and the power ballad "Stranger", all in different stages of development and all demanding attention, like a 2 year old.


SO let's see what now ? Well there's the website to edit, the graphics to get designed, the bass line, guitar parts, background vocals and was the EQ on the drum right ? Maybe we should tweak that... I wonder how David's coming on that piano part.... And ... And ... And ....

Sweet dreams



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