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Where Does It Come From ?

FEBRUARYY 8th 2014 (5am)

From whence does creativity flow ? I used the word 'whence' cuz it seemed all flashy and sophisticated.


A while back I wrote this article concerning creativity.


It has always eluded me, where the creative spark originates. I guess I should just e thankful and stop trying to analyze and understand and just accept the apparent 'gift' that has been so fortunately dropped in my lap.


I once likened songwriting, and especially songs that seem to grab a lot of people's imaginations this way.


It's as if there is this stream of consciousness running above all of our heads, a wealth of knowledge and creativity.  Everyone in a while, I'm fortunate enough to bump my head into that cloud and grab an idea or two. I hope it continues.


I'm infamous (in my own mind at least) for having done 376 takes of a guitar lead for "Today" ... I'm coming close to that record on this one; "Linger Longer" is in production.


Perfectionist ? Yes.


But if I had better skills, it's go a lot smoother. Venturing out there again into another genre. A;most country at this point. I can't wait to bring it to you along with the complete album later this year ..... And below is that 'infamous' guitar solo.



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